Korea To Malaysia Sea Freight (Small Parcel)

*Suitable for online purchase and parcel with a valid tracking ID
*Appointments are not required while receiving

AREA SHIPPING MODE 0.1-5.0 kg (min1kg) 5.01kg onwards DURATION
RM17/KG RM16/KG 1-2shipment each month (30-45 DAYS)
Setel/Flash/NinjaVan/Line Clear RM18/KG RM17/KG 1-2shipment each month
(30-45 DAYS)
(min 1kg)
5.01kg onwards DURATION
EAST MALAYSIA LINE CLEAR RM30/KG RM29/KG 1-2shipment each month
(35-50 DAYS)
The new price will commence on 16th May 2022.

*STRICTLY not applicable for PARCEL exceeded 20KG.Parcel will be rejected upon receiving at warehouse.

1) Minimum charge weight:1KG
Shipping fee for sea shipment is charged according to the larger one between actual weight and volumetric weight.

Measurement In Weight (Volumetric) Length(cm) x width(cm) x height(cm)/6000=Kgs

*Volumetric weight will apply when higher than gross weight
*Max weight per box is up to 20kg, each dimension length must less than 80cm and total dimension length is up to 150cm.
*FYI, due to Korea customs regulation, parcel shall be opened and inspected to avoid any prohibited items. Parcel will be rejected or
dispose if any prohibited or dangerous goods found.
HELP ME BUY (HMB) proxy service is available.
Please enquiry to our customer service for further info.

Important Information:
1) We offer free compensation up to RM200 per order for Normal items against loss, damage during shipment.
For FRAGILE items, such like glass, ceramic, crystal and others FRAGILE items, sea freight doesn't cover damages caused by
insufficient or unsuitable packing or others reason. So please take note, to purchase at your own risk.
If your items are fragile items, be sure to inform the seller to do special handling and additional protection on packaging.
2) Items that CANNOT be transported by SEA,
a) such as perfume (aerosol), insecticide, paint, resin, battery, BBQ charcoal, firecracker, etc. Products are considered
"dangerous goods" during sea transport. These products may have accidents or leaks during transportation. can cause fire, explosion,
or damage to the environment or life.
b) Perfume, essential oil or diffuser oil ingredients commonly transported include acetone, adhesives, paints, gasoline, ethanol, methanol
and flammable solvents. If it contains some pesticides, it is classified as a Class 3 Dangerous Good.
c) Gas-filled spray (typical flammable product) -Hair spray, paint spray, hair mousse, lighter etc.
d) Oil-based paints cannot be transported, water-based paints can be transported.
e) Products marked with a flammable, dangerous goods mark or symbol.
f) Products containing compressed gas such as co2 cylinder and carbonated beverages.
g) Compressor products that use compressed gas in a wine refrigerator.
h) Various adult products, drugs, and weapons (including guns/knives, toys but similar products) are prohibited in most countries.
i) E-cigarette device, hoverboard or lighter with built in lithium batteries.
j) Manicure products, hydrogen peroxide, adhesive-The above two products contain a large number of explosive components (alcohol, hydrogen)
and cannot be shipped. And most of the products have a flammable mark.
k) Beer or liquor product which contains alcohol and co2 or hydrogen gas in container bottle or aluminums can.
l) New or used mobile phone, laptop or electronic devices with built in lithium batteries.
m) Ordinary cigarette or E-cigarette.
n) Skincare or cosmetic product in cream, lotion, mist, serum, gel, essence, powder foamed and mask sheet are allowed to ship.
o) Aesthetic related items such like ampoule, needle, vitamin C, silica gel, hyaluronic acid, etc. which are consider as medical control items.
If you are not sure about the item condition, please inquiry us in advance before you proceed to place order.
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